Christophe Robin – THE LAB
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Brand: Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin, the A-list colorist for more than 20 years, created in 1999 his hair care line selecting powerful natural ingredients for recognized long term results. Paraben, silicone, SLES, oxidant FREE.
Before long, Christophe Robin was the man behind some of the world’s most famous stars’ hair, from Linda Evangelist’s ever-changing hair color to Kate Moss’s Longstanding blonde. Supermodels were using color as a way to reinvent themselves, and radiant hair was the beauty accessory everybody had to have. His work is truly an art form, experimenting with light and contrasts to enhance women’s eyes and complexion. Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer were walking posters for his work and today, Christophe Robin has been responsible for Catherine Deneveu’s iconic blonde hair for over 20 years.


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